Dar Al Iqbal Trading Est – DITE – a Saudi Est. located in the Riyadh city, established in 1995 and working as wholesaler for the:

  • Comfort Sleeping and seating items, belong of this category the mattresses, pillows, seats and Body Supporter Cushions, made of High quality of memory foam, branded by the famous and trusted “MYRIST” brand.
  • Massage devices, which have various Types of massager equipment’s coverage all body area and branded with “GREIN” brand.
  • Personal care tools, which include personal care devices and clothing for slimming and fitness, which branded by our trusted “GREIN” brand.

Since we are one of the famous and ancient companies working in this field , we have extensive and long experience in providing products with an efficiency functional features and a wide variety of products that are compatible and meet to the needs of the consumer, which got the admiration and satisfaction of customers throughout the regions of the Kingdom, by virtue of our proficiency team in purchasing and a development department, and big experience in quality control in order to reach classify our products as one of the most distinguished and reliable products in the markets of  Saudi .

we consider ourselves as partners with our clients in success. We stand side by with them in all of the business journey, and with us professional of Sales Representative, marketers and designers, all work to studying and put full marketing proposals plans that contribute to the succeeding of sales plans.

Our Co. is an expert in accomplishing Trading businesses according to modern and advanced logistical standards that allow the customer to ease ordering, supply, follow-up and treating, and with the lowest of any errors by our trained team.

We strive to sell quality products with innovative ideas in design and formulation, so we want to be the best company in this highly competitive field by exceeding our customers’ expectations in terms of quality of work and product range through creative innovations.

We are pleased to be your allies in the journey of work and success.